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Fittonia / Nerve plant – Foolproof care tips


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Mar 20, 2024
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Fittonia / Nerve plant is a beautiful tropical foliage plant. Vibrant pink, yellow, red & green leaves patterned with nerve like designs in contrast colours makes it a must have plant in our collections.

Fittonias love warm humid weather with filtered sunlight and moist soil. The plant typically can be grown in small containers and doesn’t really take up much space. They add colourfull touch to terrariums and indoor spaces.

While these plants are beautiful, its quite tricky to take care of them. Its important to always look out as even small changes or a missed watering can kill them.

They love bright filtered sunlight . If under-exposed to sun, they loose the colour and if over exposed the leaves burn. Its important to select the right spot. Having said this, we put together the below care tips for these beauties.

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Fittonia Care Tips

? Pot them in a small shallow containers, shift only when the plant is pot bound to the next size. Make sure it has drain holes
? Pot in a moist but well draining potting mix. Happy Garden Ready Garden Mix works in a fool proof way
? Water regularly. Don’t wait for potting mix to dry out. But take care not to overwater. Small amounts regularly is the key.
? Place in a shaded but well lit spot
? Fertilize with very dilute nutrient solution once every 2 months
? Place it in one spot and try not to move it all the time. Placing with other plants creates humid favorable conditions
?If there is a pest attack, remove them immediately and give a spray of dilute soap and neem oil. Wash with plan water the next day

Happy Growing!

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